Thank you so much for the last minute holiday delivery. The deer were the hit of the evening - charming young and old alike.
- Barbara

Maria your work is stunning
- Jeff

The flowers were gorgeous of course, and they looked as beautiful at home as at the restaurant. ... Your flower arranging talent adds even more 'amazing' to the incredible person you are.
- Claudia

Thanks for making me look so good on Mother's Day. Not an easy task!
- Frank B

Thank you for the pink roses. They sat on my desk for over a week. The scale was really perfect for my desk and I loved seeing them each morning. I loved the packaging. You have beautiful taste.
- Lisa

I was very moved by the beautiful roses which you sent... They are now in full bloom in the library where I'm spending time now, adding a touch of elegance and beauty reflecting the sender.
- Mortimer

Thank you for your help getting our home ready for the holidays and making the place look and smell so great. You were so accommodating and understanding - a true joy to work with.
- Samantha

The flowers were an absolute hit. Everyone wanted to touch and eat the Red Peonies. Thank you for doing this for me. Simply beautiful and a joy to see you building your beautiful business. You are amazing!!
- Kristin

What a beautiful treat to come home to today! The flowers are so pretty, and the presentation is so chic. Congrats to you and your artistic talents!
- Sam

What a beautiful surprise! I love my MVD flowers - so perfectly warmed my heart on this cold February day. The packaging is exquisite! Many many congratulations on your success,
- Blair

I LOVE my little treat-springtime in a vase!
- Angela

My flowers! They brighten up my desk and Karina keeps trying to steal them since they are pink and there is a very cool butterfly- I almost didn’t want to take them out of the wrapping, as the pink box was so pretty, too! (Karina got that). Too thoughtful and you are so talented!
- Cathy

The flowers from MVD are divine. They have transformed my room. That shot of pink is just what I need. Thank you for such a thoughtful and fun surprise!!
- Holland